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Westford is located along interstate route 495 in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It is only miles from Boston and has undergone significant development in the recent past. The town is home to about 22,000 people.

Westford was originally part of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Westford is proud to have played an important role in the Revolutionary War. Today Westford is home to many commercial businesses including the computer industry and biomedical field. Westford's tax base includes both residential and business enterprises. Westford also boasts significant recreational opportunities including swimming, tennis, and golf venues. Nearby, Littleton is home to Kimble Farms where you can enjoy putt-putt, a driving range, a pitch-and-put, and of course award winning ice cream, and nearby Lowell is home to the minor league Spinners. What summer is complete without taking in a game and the Spinners home field is the ultimate place to take in a game.

Over the years Attorney David Erickson has handled all types of criminal and civil matters in Westford. For example, the attorney handled several serious criminal matters including a robbery of a local store and breaking and entering into homes, sheds, and garages. He has also handled less serious cases including shoplifting and writing bad check to businesses which sell goods and services to the public in Westford. These cases were filed In the Ayer District Court and the major felonies were prosecuted in the Superior Court in Lowell or Woburn, Massachusetts.

Westford attorney David Erickson also handles car accidents and other torts and civil claims out of Westford. Automobile accidents may have occurred throughout the town. For example, if a party was injured in a collision caused by a truck on 495 Westford Attorney David Erickson has the experience to handle the matter since he has successfully litigated truck accident claims in the past and is aware of the special aspects in the investigation, preparation, and settlement of these claims.

Having Westford Attorney David Erickson represent you gives you tremendous advantage since he regularity appears in the Ayer District Court and Middlesexx County superior court on civil and criminal cases and is familiar with the judges, staff, and practices in those local courts. For example, in the Ayer District Court years ago the time from arraignment to trial was very quick amounting to no more than a few months now that time is much longer. It is still less that the time required to dismiss a case for a violation of the defendant’s right to a speedy trial or time standards. However, one should be prepared to have considerable time go by prior to a resolution. This time is often good, however, since it allows sufficient time for preparation including interviewing witness which often includes the use of an investigator and the filing of motions for discovery, motions to dismiss, and motions to suppress.

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