Student or Young Adult

When a student or young adult is charged with a crime it is important to have an attorney review the situation to determine the best outcome possible. Although one is tempted to believe that a charge of minor in possession or other simple crime is not a “big deal” or serious, in fact they often can have consequences years from the time of disposition --- perhaps the rest of the child’s life. Attorney Erickson will look at several areas prior to determining what is in the best interest of the student or young adult.

The most important areas to be considered are the consequences of a delinquency finding or guilty finding. Sometimes it is possible to try a case and to have the young adult or juvenile found not guilty or to obtain a dismissal. Often times it is possible to avoid a conviction and to obtain a alternate disposition if helpful factors are explained to the prosecutor and judge. If the conviction is not avoidable, it is best to insure a proper treatment program is in place and other rehabilitative programs are considered prior to resolving the case.

It is critical that a student or young adults have an attorney with the special experience necessary to resolve the case in the best possible fashion for this special class of offenders. Attorney Erickson as a father, uncle, and Godfather has the life experience to help your child. Call him now to speak about your child’s case.  

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