Slip and Fall

A slip and fall is a type for a claim where the injured person falls down and is injured do to the negligence of another party. These claims are common, however, they also are among the hardest personal-injury claims to prosecute. This is because they're defended on the mistaken belief that people fall down accidentally, because of the injured parties inattention, or for no reason at all. The opposite is actually true --- falls occur for a specific reason. Therefore, the attorney must determine the exact cause if the case is to be successful, liabilities is to be shown, and compensation recovered.

Beyond having to prove that the full occurred because of the negligence of another it is necessary to prove causation and damages. Causation is simply that the injury arose from the fall. This is sometimes called proximate cause and is rarely a significant issue.

Damages are compensation for those items that are related to the fall. This would include Impaired earning capacity which is best demonstrated by lost wages, compensation for pain and suffering, compensation for scarring and loss of function, and any other damages causally related to the fall.

Attorney Erickson has brought many, many successful slip and fall cases. Examples include securing compensation for injuries from:

A fall on broken pavement in the parking lot in a well-traveled area causing a back injury;

A fall in a parking space improperly located near the opening to an elevator causing a broken bone;

A fall on a slippery substance on a floor requiring treatment at the hospital; and

A fall down "temporary" steps into a cellar entrance causing significant injury.

Attorney Erickson is available to discuss your slip and fall case including liability and damages. He can be reached at (978) 793-9212.

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