Sexualy Dangerous Person Commitments

In Massachusetts like many other states the courts have the power to commit sex offenders to prison for life. Because these actions result in a lifetime commitment and they do not involve the commission of a new crime, they are among the most serious of cases brought in the Commonwealth.

Prior to commencement the Commonwealth must produce evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt the following:

  • One: a sexual conviction;
  • Two: a mental abnormality or personality disorder makes further sexual offenses likely;
  • Three: a present serious difficulty in controlling behavior; and
  • Four: the need to confine the person to a secure facility.

Attorney Erickson has extensive experience in defending these actions. He will perform a comprehensive review of your matter to determine what evidence can be offered to undermine the Commonwealth's case. This includes investigating what treatment and programming have been completed or could be completed in the future, what facts weigh in consideration of the release, and what expert testimony is available to support the defense case. It is also necessary to investigate if expert witnesses are available to defend against the allegation that person is a sexually dangerous person.

Even more important Attorney Erickson will challenge the basis on which the Commonwealth’s expert concludes that the person is sexually dangerous. This will include undermining any fact on which the opinion of dangerousness is based, challenging the research on which any expert opinion is founded, and determining what other actions will result in a not dangerous finding.

Attorney Erickson has extensive experience in these matters and has been trial counsel in over 20 of these cases and has been involved in many others. He has either been trial counsel or involved in the appeal of many other matters. These petitions are extremely serious because of the commitment exposure the individual charged faces if found to be a sexually dangerous person.

In addition to his strong and extensive trial experience, Attorney Erickson brings specialize knowledge of the field of sexual recidivism to your case. Call him to discuss your family members SDP case. He is able to help.

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