Reduction Or Termination Of Sex Offender Registration

After a period of time registration, an individual can request reduction of his registration level or termination of his obligations to register with the Sex Offender Registry Board. This is now done by filing a motion and supporting papers with the Sex Offender Registry Board. A hearing will then be held to determine if a lower level of risk and dangerousness exists or if the person no longer evidences risk or dangerous. Depending on what is shown the registration level will be reduced or the person will not be required to register. Recent decisions, however, suggest that a full evidentiary hearing may be needed.

Attorney Erickson will analyze the facts of your underlying conviction and any recent developments in your life, review recent recidivism research as it applies to your case and determine if it is advisable to consult with an expert. Thereafter, Attorney Erickson will determine the best course in presenting a motion to the SORB.

Some of the key points Attorney Erickson will look at are the following: base rate, current age, passage of time, and adult vs. juvenile offenses.

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