Motor Vehicle Homicide

Case Name: Commonwealth v. M.
Major charge: Motor vehicle homicide
Summary: In defending this motor vehicle homicide case objections to and motions to exclude/strike testimony of a state police accident reconstructionist were made. These actions were successful and resulted in most of the opinion being excluded. The jury returned a not guilty verdict after it was instructed by the judge with language the defense had requested which properly defined negligence in the context of the facts of the case.

Case Name: Commonwealth v. J.
Major charge: Motor vehicle homicide
Summary: Defense of this motor vehicle homicide case involved a comprehensive investigation into the opinion of the state police accident reconstructionist. This investigation revealed evidence that demonstrated that the defendant was not guilty. Helpful evidence was provided to the Commonwealth. Following the Commonwealth’s “reinvestigation” of the case, the matter was dismissed several days prior to trial. The defendant was ready to try the case with its own additional exculpatory evidence and an expert who disagreed with the state police expert.

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