Gather And Preserve Evidence

You (or family or a friend if you can’t) should immediately seek to gather evidence related to the accident. You should photograph the cars involved. Use a good quality camera which will adequately record what you are photographing. This is more difficult if one of the cars has been totaled since you will have to locate the salvage yard and get access to the car. Although it may be possible to get photographs later from either the police or insurance company, it is far easier to simply photograph the cars now. Additionally, you should photograph the accident scene. Be careful when you do this so that you are not injured. When photographing the scene take care to photograph skid marks or other marks in the ground or roadway. You should also be aware of the time of day to allow for the lighting conditions, traffic, and road conditions.

If you are having problems getting access to a car or location (or can’t do this yourself) call Attorney Erickson and tell him. An attorney can arrange for these thing to be done and can even bring a Bill of Discovery to get discovery immediately if parties protest to giving access. This includes access to areas to photograph or test. Most of the time this is not necessary, however, you should have an attorney who knows how to investigate your claim and is prepared to bring such an action if necessary.

After the accident keep a diary. It does not have to be detailed. You should keep as a diary are notes of what you’ve been through and what you experience. Also, keep copies of records. It is unlikely that your claim will resolve extremely quickly and, therefore, the diary will help you later on when you must recall the events in your lawsuit. You should understand that the other side may try to gain access to the diary so your entry should be designed more to jog your memory than to record each event in total. Make sure to discuss they use of a diary with Attorney Erickson when you consult with him about your auto collision.

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