Contact A Local Lawyer And Give Notice

Simply, a local attorney knows the area where your accident happened and how things work there. Time and time again the local attorney has the advantage. By having a local attorney there is no risk you will be “home-towned.”

The local attorney should also have special training in representing those injured in accidents. Attorney Erickson throughout his career has represented accident victims and the disabled in bringing claims to recover money damages to compensate them for lost wages, impaired earning capacity, scarring, loss of function, and pain and suffering. Attorney Erickson has attended classes and other trainings to provide him with special skill and knowledge to best represent you in investigating, preserving, and settling your claim.

Give notice. It’s important. It’s human nature to wait. It’s human nature to hope that things will get better and you will not have to sue. But, it is important --- critical in fact ---to contact Attorney Erickson at (978) 793-9212 so that he can give proper notice to the parties at fault and also to given notice to others potential defendants including insurance companies. Underinsurance and uninsurance companies require and will defend against any case you later bring any claim by stating that you failed to give proper notice and that they are prejudiced.

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