Concord, Massachusetts

Concord is a town within Middlesex County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is near metropolitan Boston. The town’s population is 17,668.

Concord government is by a town meeting which is held each year over several days. During the meeting the operating budget of the town is approved and the business of the town is addressed through consideration of warrant articles.

Concord is truly beautiful known for its rich history, forests, and as a home of influential thinkers like Emerson and Alcott. Concord is a tourist town. Concord is thought by many to be the birth place of the United States. Many people come to see the place where the initial shot starting the Revolutionary War is said to have been fired in Concord.

Like all towns, there is the need for legal representation. The law offices of David H. Erickson routinely provides that representation in Concord and the nearby towns of Acton and Westford. All misdemeanors, like operating after suspension of a driver’s license, typically are filed by the police in the Concord District Court. Major felonies go to the Middlesex County Superior Court in Woburn and Lowell, MA. The civil matters Mr. Erickson handles in Concord are diverse and include auto accidents, dog bites, and slip and falls.

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