Clerk Hearing or Show Cause Hearing

A clerk’s hearing or what is sometimes called a show cause hearing is held prior to the issuance of a complaint.  Often, when an individual is cited for violations of the law, a clerks hearing is available.  In other circumstances, prior to any complaint being issued an individual has a right to clerks hearing.  Generally, a clerk’s hearing is available when a misdemeanor is not committed in the presence of a police officer.

Unlike a trial many of the basic rights during a clerk’s hearing are limited.  Therefore, an attorney is necessary to investigate and determine if the criminal charge could be proven.  Often negotiation with the Commonwealth or police are necessary to successfully resolve the matter.  If it is impossible to disprove the matter or settle it, then the clerk’s hearing is an opportunity to investigate and discover information about the case and set the course of the matter.  This will ensure the best outcome possible.

If you receive a citation that allows for a clerk’s hearing, immediately file the request and call Attorney Erickson.  If you receive notice of a hearing not having received a citation call Attorney Erickson as well.

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