Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a term which includes both non-criminal, agency, or courtroom matters. Civil claims involve all types of claims which seek an order or money damages from an agency or court. A few examples of claims in which Attorney Erickson has been involved include:

  • breach of contract;
  • real estate disputes;
  • claims against owners of closely held businesses;
  • adverse possession; and
  • employment discrimination.

Attorney Erickson can review the facts and circumstances of you case and the law in the area to develop a method of prosecuting or defending your case. After review Attorney Erickson can determine the best course for handling the matter which could include immediately attempting to resolve or settle the matter, serving discovery which would include written questions or interrogatories and requests for documents, taking depositions where a party or witnesses is put under oath and the testimony is recorded, or preparing for trial.

Attorney Erickson has been involved in the trial and settlement of all types of civil claims and has even written a book on civil trial practice. Discuss the prosecution or defense of your case now with Attorney Erickson.

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