Acton, Massachusetts

Located next to Concord, the birthplace of the United States, Acton also has a key place in history. The citizens of Acton played a critical part in the Revolution. Relics of the Revolutionary War can be found in town hall and historical markers are located throughout Acton.

Interestingly, Acton does not have a town center shopping district like so many other Massachusetts towns. There are several areas in town where there are shops. For example, there is an area around town hall with a pizza parlor and other businesses can be found. There is another area of shops in West Acton Center where the offices of David H. Erickson are located. The offices are in a building which dates back to the 1920’s. Route 2A also houses many commercial buildings but unfortunately none which can be called the “town center.”

Acton is divided by several major routes including state routes 2, 2A, 27, and 119. Route 2 is a major state artery routinely paroled by the State Police and the local Acton Police force.

The police commence criminal actions in the Concord Court and if indicted the matters are transferred to the Lowell and Woburn Superior Courts. Civil matters go to these courts as well.

The Law Offices of David H. Erickson fill the need for legal representation in this Middlesex County town which is the home to 21,924. Attorney Erickson welcomes the opportunity to discuss your Acton criminal or civil case. Call him at (978) 793-9212.

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